Products :

Engine treatments

Gearbox treatments

Power steering treatments

Differential treatments

Treatments for injectors and fuels

Post-combustion treatments:
combustion chambers, EGR valves, turbos, catalytic converters,
particulate filters and exhausts

Treatments for cooling systems

Maintenance of air conditioning systems

Technical aerosols

Swimming pool and spa treatment

Our brands :

Amosan Petrochemicals France S.A.R.L.
1100 D Chemin du Pont des Isles 30230 BOUILLARGUES - FRANCE

Amosan Petrochemicals Switzerland Sàrl
Rue de la Madeleine 26 1800 VEVEY - SWITZERLAND

Amosan Petrochemicals Italia S.R.L.
Via D. F. Beniamino Della Torre, 4 20157 MILANO MI - ITALIA

Amosan Petrochemicals Iberica S.L.
Calle Girona 107 bureau 28 08203 SABADELL-BARCELONA - ESPAÑA

Amosan Petrochemicals Iberica S.L.
c/ Sierra de Atapuerca 39b 28050 MADRID - ESPAÑA

Amosan Petrochemicals Engineering Maroc
2 rue Abou Hassan Alachaari, Boulevard Anfa 20070 Casablanca - MAROC