Products :

Engine treatments

Gearbox treatments

Power steering treatments

Differential treatments

Treatments for injectors and fuels

Post-combustion treatments:
combustion chambers, EGR valves, turbos, catalytic converters,
particulate filters and exhausts

Treatments for cooling systems

Maintenance of air conditioning systems

Technical aerosols

Lubricants (oils, greases)


Windscreen washer fluids

Swimming pool and spa treatment

Professional soaps

Our brands :

Amosan Petrochemicals France S.A.R.L.
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Amosan Petrochemicals Switzerland Sàrl
Rue de la Madeleine 26 1800 VEVEY - SWITZERLAND

Amosan Petrochemicals Italia S.R.L.
Via D. F. Beniamino Della Torre, 4 20157 MILANO MI - ITALIA

Amosan Petrochemicals Iberica S.L.
Calle Girona 107 bureau 28 08203 SABADELL-BARCELONA - ESPAÑA

Amosan Petrochemicals Iberica S.L.
c/ Sierra de Atapuerca 39b 28050 MADRID - ESPAÑA

Amosan Petrochemicals Engineering Maroc
2 rue Abou Hassan Alachaari, Boulevard Anfa 20070 Casablanca - MAROC