History and creation of a group

September 2000 : Sandy Francesco AMODEO, 22 years old, takes a training course in the USA on tribology and lubricating specialities

2002 : The self-taught youngster, now 24, goes into importation of additives and technical lubricants on the Swiss market.

June 2004 : Creation of Amosan Petrochemicals France (APC) in Hautmont, France, a Company that is active on the French and Belgian markets with a network of over 700 professional customers.

January 2011 : Creation of Warm Up Sandy Amodeo in Vevey, Switzerland, a laboratory specialized in research and development of chemicals. 2015: Warm Up Sandy Amodeo becomes Warm Up Chemicals Switzerland. April 2017: Warm Up Chemicals Switzerland becomes Innovating Chemicals & Consulting (ICC).

April 2011 : With the arrival of the new Euro 5 anti-pollution standard, ICC (previously Warm Up Chemicals) develops an innovative range of post-combustion treatments dedicated to cleaning combustion chambers, particulate filters, catalytic converters, EGR valves and turbos.

January 2014 : Amosan Petrochemicals France (APC) moves to a new manufacturing site located in Nîmes, in the south of France.
July 2015 : Creation of Warm Up Chemicals Italy in Milan, a distribution Company that is active on the Italian markets with a network of over 150 professional customers. April 2017: Warm Up Chemicals Italy becomes Amosan Petrochemicals Italy (API).
May 2017 : Creation of Amosan Petrochemicals Spain (APE) in Barcelona, a manufacturing and distribution Company dedicated to the Spanish and Portuguese markets with a network of over 200 professional customers.
Today : The Amosan Petrochemicals group is a well-known manufacturer on the motor vehicle and industrial markets. It owns the WARM UP®, NANOFLUID®, CURE®, DETOX®, COMBUTEC®, and CERINE® brands, with a catalogue of more than 120 products made and distributed in numerous countries by over 2,300 professional specialists.